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Contents of README:
This directory contains miscelaneous contributed accessories for NEdit,
porting aids, and various files which might help people with system
problems fix their systems.


MacOSX-NEdit-Droplet         An OS X "droplet" for opening files with NEdit
XKeysymDB		     Motif keysyms for systems where XKeysymDB missing
darkbg.styles,darkbg2.styles Highlight coloring schemes for users who prefer
			     dark backgrounds, can be loaded with -import
darkbg2.xdefaults	     Additional window coloring for dark backgrounders
gTags-1.0.3.tar.gz	     Graphical tag browsing utility (requires gtk and
			     exuberant ctags).  See:
icons.tar		     Color xpm and giff icons contrib'd by Joor Loohuis
memmove.c		     Source for C runtime library function that is
    	    	    	     missing on some older SunOS systems
motifbind.sun		     Motif virtual bindings for Sun systems with
 			     keyboard problems
motifbind.sun_at	     Same as above for Suns with PC AT keyboard
nc_and_wait.tar     	     Pair of shell scripts which interface nc to mail
    	    	    	     and case tools which expect an editor to continue
    	    	    	     running and signal completion by exiting
nedit.app-defaults	     App-defaults file for NEdit.  Necessary if you want
    	    	    	     to use a system-wide app-defaults file with NEdit,
 			     also useful for looking at resource settings.
			     Installing an app-defaults file for NEdit will
			     cause you endless grief, so only use it if you're
			     forced to override an existing app-defaults file.
programming_utilities.tar.gz Really cool utilities for programmers.  Has not
			     been tested with 5.1 yet.
sgi-mode.Xdefaults  	     X resources for using NEdit in SGI mode on
    	    	    	     Silicon Graphics workstations
strerror.c  	    	     Source for C runtime library function that is
    	    	    	     missing on some SunOS systems
stats	    	    	     Perl script for calculating various statistics on
    	    	    	     columns or whitespace separated lists of numbers
view$nedit.com	    	     Script for using NEdit with VMS fileview

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