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Contents of README:
                   NEdit Contributed Software Directory

This directory contains software contributed by NEdit users.  We are providing
this space to anyone who wishes, without making any attempt to validate this
software.  The files under this directory are provided on an as-is basis.

If you have material that you think other NEdit users would be interested in,
and would like to contribute, please send mail to nedit_support@fnal.gov.


*.ind			     Smart indent macros for languages which are not
			     included in the standard release
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS	     Additional Acknowledgements for files which
 			     don't have text attached.
Makefile.*		     Platform dependent makefiles
Notes.* 		     Notes for building on above platforms
XKeysymDB		     Motif keysyms for systems where XKeysymDB missing
backlight.patch		     Code Patch adds coloring to NEdit by character
			     type (i.e. make tabs green, make ctrl codes red)
cde_dnd.tar		     Code for adding CDE file-drop support to NEdit
cde_restart.patch	     Patch for adding some session-restart capability
			     to NEdit
descrip.mms		     Makefiles enhanced to work with mms on VMS systems
 			     (prototype code for version 5.0)
darkbg.styles,darkbg2.styles Highlight coloring schemes for users who prefer
			     dark backgrounds, can be loaded with -import
darkbg2.xdefaults	     Additional window coloring for dark backgrounders
expander		     Expand keywords to code structures
gTags-1.0.3.tar.gz	     Graphical tag browsing utility (requires gtk and
			     exuberant ctags).  See:
html_doc.tar.gz	     	     HTML documentation set contributed by Harry B.
    	    	    	     Dellicker and Martin Schmidt
highlight_pats		     Syntax highlighting patterns for various languages
			     which are not included in the standard release.
icons.tar		     Color xpm and giff icons contrib'd by Joor Loohuis
list_dialog.patch	     Adds a multi-item list dialog to the macro language
macro_tags.tar.gz	     Use a tags file to reference nedit macro language
max 	    	    	     Max Vohlken's souped up nedit version.  This may
    	    	    	     not necessarily be the most up to date.  Also try:
member_tags.patch	     Patch to make tags code locate C++ member functions
 			     or substrings if an exact match can't be found
memmove.c		     source for C runtime library function that is
    	    	    	     missing on some SunOS systems
motifbind.sun		     Motif virtual bindings for Sun systems with
 			     keyboard problems
motifbind.sun_at	     Same as above for Suns with PC AT keyboard
nc_and_wait.tar     	     Pair of shell scripts which interface nc to mail
    	    	    	     and case tools which expect an editor to continue
    	    	    	     running and signal completion by exiting
nedit_linux_setlangproc	     NEdit 5.0.2 built for linux (and statically linked
			     with Motif) with a call to XtSetLanguageProc
			     inserted as an experiment for helping users whose
			     accent keys don't work.
nedit_linux_xmim	     NEdit 5.0.2 built for linux (and statically linked
                             with Motif) with -DUSE_XMIM turned on, for users
                             whose accent keys don't work.
nedit_sco_502.tar.gz	     NEdit and nc executables for SCO Unix.
nedit.app-defaults	     App-defaults file for NEdit.  Necessary if you want
    	    	    	     to use a system-wide app-defaults file with NEdit,
 			     also useful for looking at resource settings.
nedit.man		     A more complete man page for NEdit
one_icon.patch		     Patch to make NEdit have one icon rather than one
 			     for each file
rangeset.tar.gz		     Patch and macro set which adds selection-like
			     region coloring, programmable from the macro
			     language (which can be used, for example, to
			     highlight all matching strings in a search, or
			     differences between two files).  Also includes
			     code for coloring characters by character class.
POV-Ray.tar		     Macros and syntax highlighting for the POV-Ray
			     ray-tracing package
programming_utilities.tar.gz Really cool utilities for programmers
rcsdiff.tar 	    	     Interface to the rcsdiff command which highlights
    	    	    	     differences directly in NEdit
sgi-mode.Xdefaults  	     X resources for using NEdit in SGI mode on
    	    	    	     Silicon Graphics workstations
sgi_commondef_makefiles.tar  Commondef makefile for SGI systems
stdlib.pat		     Enhance C/C++ patterns with stdlib routines, types
strerror.c  	    	     Source for C runtime library function that is
    	    	    	     missing on some SunOS systems
view$nedit.com	    	     Script for using NEdit with VMS fileview

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