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alarm-0.20b.tar.gz       a computerized alarm
cheaplightswitch-1.0.tgz build a circuit to control appliances with computer
irx-v0.1.tgz             translate codes from an IR remote control into XEvents
netlitng.tgz             X10 computer interface server
twd-0.2.tgz              IPC-based Linux driver for the Two-Way(R) X10 interface
x-automate-1.00.tgz      GUI interface for Aaron Hightower's x10-amh
x10-amh-v1.06.tgz        use X10 modules to turn appliances/lights on and off
x10_client_server-1.0.tgz Home Automation client & server based on x10_lib and the CM11A
x10_lib-1.4.tgz          Programming API for the CM11A X10 home appliance control module

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