Standard Usermin Modules

The following modules are included as standard with release 1.320 of Usermin. You can also download and re-install any modules from this page that you may have deleted from Usermin on your system.

Name Download Description Supports
Apache Options Files htaccess.wbm.gz Edit your .htaccess files, using an interface similar to Webmin's Apache module. All operating systems
Change Language language.wbm.gz Change the language that Usermin uses when you are logged in. All operating systems
Change Password changepass.wbm.gz Change your password, either by calling PAM or running the passwd command. All operating systems
Change Theme theme.wbm.gz Change the theme that Usermin uses when you are logged in. All operating systems
Change User Details chfn.wbm.gz Change your Unix real name, office, phone numbers and shell. Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD
Command Shell shell.wbm.gz Run simple shell commands and see their output. All operating systems
Custom Commands commands.wbm.gz Run custom commands defined in Webmin that have been configured to be usable from Usermin. All operating systems
Disk Quotas quota.wbm.gz View your quotas and those of your groups on all filesystems for which they are enabled. Most operating systems
Fetchmail Mail Retrieval fetchmail.wbm.gz Configure Fetchmail to download email from a remote POP3 or IMAP server to a local address. All operating systems
File Manager file.wbm.gz Explore, view, edit and set permissions on files on the system. All operating systems
GnuPG Encryption gnupg.wbm.gz Encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify files with GnuPG. Also supports key management and key generation. All operating systems
HTTP Tunnel tunnel.wbm.gz Connect to another HTTP server via a tunnel through the Usermin server. All operating systems
Login Scripts cshrc.wbm.gz Edit your .login, .profile and .cshrc files, depending on the login shell. All operating systems
MIME Type Programs mailcap.wbm.gz Edit the ~/.mailcap file, which maps MIME types to handler programs All operating systems
Mail Forwarding and Replies forward.wbm.gz Edit the .forward or .qmail-* files that control what happens to email sent to your account. All operating systems
Mount Filesystems usermount.wbm.gz Mount and unmount filesystems that have been marked as managable by normal users. Only Linux
MySQL Database mysql.wbm.gz Login to MySQL and manage tables and records through an interface similar to Webmin's MySQL module. All operating systems
Plan File plan.wbm.gz Edit your .plan file, sent in response to finger requests. All operating systems
PostgreSQL Database postgresql.wbm.gz Login to PostgreSQL and manage tables and records through an interface similar to Webmin's PostgreSQL module. All operating systems
Procmail Mail Filter procmail.wbm.gz Configure advanced content-based forwarding for mail sent to your account. Requires Procmail to be installed and properly set up for mail delivery. All operating systems
Protected Web Directories htaccess-htpasswd.wbm.gz Create .htaccess and htpasswd files to protect web-acessible directories. All operating systems
Read Mail mailbox.wbm.gz Read, compose, forward and reply to email. Supports multiple folders, GnuPG encryption, attachments and an address book. Most operating systems
Running Processes proc.wbm.gz View all processes running on the system, kill those belonging to your, and start new ones. Most operating systems
SSH Configuration ssh.wbm.gz Edit your SSH client configuration, private key and lists of authorized keys and known hosts. All operating systems
SSH/Telnet Login telnet.wbm.gz Login to the server with SSH or Telnet, depending on which is running. All operating systems
Scheduled Commands at.wbm.gz Create and edit one-off At jobs. Most operating systems
Scheduled Cron Jobs cron.wbm.gz Edit and create recurring Cron jobs. All operating systems
Scheduled Emails schedule.wbm.gz Schedule the automatic sending of email messages, either on a repeating schedule or a single date. All operating systems
SpamAssassin Mail Filter spam.wbm.gz Set up and configure SpamAssassin to filter email sent to your account. All operating systems
System Documentation man.wbm.gz Search man pages and other system documentation, just like in the Webmin module of the same name. Most operating systems
Upload and Download updown.wbm.gz Upload files to your account or have Usermin download files from remote URLs. All operating systems