xcheckers, cliché and gpl-cake

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stones]Xcheckers is a small application to play at draughts in an X Window against others over the internet or against the computer

Xcheckers is free software, for details see accompanying file COPYING. Courtesy of Martin Fierz, this contains simplech, a strong search engine for the american rule set.

capers: the upcoming version of xcheckers will be much more userfriendly and powerful. have look at the preview.


cake 1.20 (Mar 2005)
Martin Fierz very strong commandline checkers program now sports an opening book - a very efficient one at that. Download and beat It! Saving xcheckersrc-cake to ~/.xcheckersrc, will make xcheckers use it by default.
pdntool (Dec 2004)
is a commandline tool to validate portable draughts notation and to play games from a pdn book in xcheckers. Download sources: pdntool.tar.gz.
new cake beta (Nov 2004)
a long living bug in cake-beta was tracked down by Martin Fierz. many thanks to him and to Kevin Buzzard, who initiated his efforts!
updated Makefiles (Nov 2004)
corrected an error when creating the Makefiles with a recent cpp/imake.
cliché (Mar 2004) (Jul 2005)
cliché - short for: command line interface for checkers engines (that implement the CheckerBoard API) - comes with Martin Fierz english and italian search modules. Work in progress! get crossplatform (linux, windows, macosx) sources and binaries, debian package, updated xcheckers below.
kcheckers (Jan 2003)
there's now competition: its called KCheckers; installation is definitely easier than with this one. Its only at version 0.3, but its already good for a recreational game.
XFree4 changes (Jan 2002)
Fight bit rott - updated sources and binaries below; cake still broken, with lcc too.
cake input (May 2001)
Martin Fierz' very strong checkers engine cake is gone GPL. This source code package is ready to compile with gcc, but any recent C compiler should do.


You may want to visit the simplech homepage: http://www.fierz.ch/checkers.htm.

You may want to visit the kcheckers homepage: http://www.kcheckers.org.

You may also want to check out Bob Newells' pages http://www.bobnewell.net/.

The Internet Checkers and Draughts Server (ICDS) has disappeared from the internet, a copy of the source code is available on request.


xcheckers-2.2.3.tar.gz [44 kB]
cake-1.20.tar.gz [972 kB]
pdntool.tar.gz [80 kB]
cliche-1.2.tar.gz [80 kB]
xcheckers-2.2.3-Linux-i686.tar.gz [44 kB] GLIBC-2.3
xcheckers-2.1-OpenBSD-i386.tar.gz [40 kB]
xcheckers-2.01-OpenBSD-sparc.tar.gz [44 kB]



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