Elvis X11 Themes

To download any of these, you should be viewing this page with elvis. If you're viewing this with a web browser then you can view the screen shots, but you can't download the actual themes. (The URL of this page is index.html.)

When viewing this page with elvis, move the cursor onto the theme's [download] box and hit <Enter>. Elvis will automatically download it, install it, and then load so you can see what it looks like right away.

Some of these themes involve fairly large images. The theme's size is indicated in the [download] box. Before downloading a large theme, you might want to read the description to decide whether it's worth the effort.

If you're viewing this with a normal web browser such as Netscape, then the screen shots should be visible below. If you're using elvis, you should be able to view the screen shots by clicking on the [screen shot] box. The screen shot files are usually in the 20K to 25K byte range. Note that some of the actual themes are smaller than their screen shots.

Only the current beta-test version of elvis supports themes, and even it only supports them when using the "x11" interface. Other versions of elvis can't even download these, let alone use them.
[screen shot] ceiling
[download 34K]

The normal background is intended to look like acoustic ceiling tile, with a slightly brownish tint. Widgets use a different, bolder background image.

[screen shot] fungus
[download 282K]

Arrangement in gray and black. The normal background resembles a fungus. A different image is used for widget backgrounds.

[screen shot] greenbar
[download 1K]

This is intended to resemble the classic green bar printer paper. It only uses one small image, so this is a very compact theme.

[screen shot] greenspeckle
[download 34K]

Normal text uses a speckled image that looks sort of like institutional linoleum, tinted dark green. A different image is used for the widget backgrounds. Of course, if you don't like green you can easily change the tint yourself.

[screen shot] marble
[download 120K]

Black on a pale marble background.

[screen shot] nebula
[download 1112K]

Dark background, using a large image of a nebula. The image was distributed with Eterm-0.9.1.

[screen shot] parchment
[download 545K]

Black text on a large image that looks like peeling paint, with a brownish hue intended suggest old paper. Widgets use a different brown image.

[screen shot] sand
[download 17K]

This is the plain old "sand" theme, one of the simplest themes around. Normal text is black on a light sandy texture, while the widgets use a bolder version of the same sandy texture.

[screen shot] stucco
[download 17K]

Black text on a stucco (rough plaster) texture.

[screen shot] tiedye
[download 150K]

An experiment to see how ugly a theme could be. This uses a huge number of colors, with a large but fairly simple image for the normal background and a smaller, more complex image for the widget background.

[screen shot] water
[download 17K]

The normal text is yellow on a dark blue ripple pattern. The widgets use a lighter version of the ripple pattern. Buttons have a light blue background.

[screen shot] wood
[download 102K]

A more complex theme. This one has two big images. Normal text is yellow on a dark woodgrain background. Widgets use a different wood background.