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This is the 'ainebot' chatbot and its' related utilities and database
files. ainebot can be run as a command-line live interface, or can
be accessed through a web browser using the cgi interface.

aine is based on the work of several other chatbot intefaces which
use AIML (Artifical Intelligence Markup Language) database files.
aine uses its' own file format for the datafiles, called Aine Language.
The Aine Language is much more compact and readable than the
XML-formatted AIML files.

aine is written with speed and low resource usage in mind. In contrast
to most other chatbots which require a long time to start, and/or
use lots of CPU cycles and RAM while running, aine both starts fast
and uses very little resources.

In order to use any of the aine interfaces, you'll need the aine 'brain'.
The brain is built using input files coded in the Aine Language -files
usually ending with the '.aine' suffix. Just as with AIML, *.aine files
are usually written and grouped to provide the chatbot interface with
a 'personality'. Some AIML and Aine Language data-sets are 'add-ons' which 
provide extra functionality. The ainebot sources provide one complete 
personality called 'amy'. Amy is based on the AIML personality 'Anna'. 
Other *.aine files are also included which contain routines for 
demonstrating or testing aine features.

aine achieves very fast program startup times by using a 'compiled' brain.
That means that the *.aine files are pre-processed and output in a
partially 'binary' format, so that input-matches and outputs can be
accessed much faster. All aine programs use the same 'binary format' brain.

The subdirectory 'AineLanguage' of the ainebot sources contains the initial
data files written in the Aine Language. The compiled 'brain' files will be 
placed in the data/brain directory.

Building ainebot:
	1. Compile the aine or aine.cgi interface from within the subdirectory
	named 'src'. Typing 'make help' will show you the available options. The
	compiled program(s) will be created in the top level of the sources.
	'make all' will build both the CLI and cgi versions plus the aine-compiler.
	2. The aine 'brain' files can now be compiled from the top level of
	the sources by running the command './aine-compiler index-file', where
	'index-file' is the path to the file containing the list of Aine Language
	files which should be included in the brain. To build the standard 'Amy'
	brain, use the command './aine-compiler AineLanguage/amy/brain_index.txt'.

Running ainebot without installation:
	The CLI version of the ainebot can be run without any installation, from
	within the top level of the sources, simply by running the command './aine'
Using the ainebot cgi version:
	See the file docs/cgi-man.txt for information on setting up the cgi version

Installing ainebot:
	At the present time, ainebot looks for both its' compiled brain files and
	its' logs relative to the directory it is run from. This means the contents
	of the 'data' and 'log' directories should be located in the same directory
	where the ainebot CLI program is run.

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