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src2pkg-helpers is a group of programs and libraries used by the
src2pkg program. You must have the src2pkg-helpers installed in
order to use the src2pkg and trackinstall programs.

The 'helpers' are packaged separately to make it easier to upgrade
the src2pkg program. The main src2pkg code consists of shell scripts
which are frequently updated. Separating the src2pkg-helpers from
the main script components allows you to upgrade the src2pkg program
without having to re-install the src2pkg-helpers package or re-run
the 'src2pkg --setup' command.

Still, the full sources for the src2pkg-helpers are contained in the
src2pkg package. This means that you can simply install the src2pkg
package and run 'src2pkg --setup' in order to compile and install the
src2pkg-helpers. This command creates and installs a separate package
for the src2pkg-helpers which is not removed when you remove or
upgrade the src2pkg package.

Why do it this way? This is done to provide binary compatibility with
your system, no matter which version of Slackware you are running, or
even for use with non-slackware systems, such as Slamd64, Slackintosh
or other systems. Users of such systems should download and install
the main src2pkg 'noarch' package. After installation of the package,
running the command 'src2pkg --setup' will create and install the
src2pkg-helpers as a separate package. This assures binary compatibility
since these libraries and programs are compiled on your system.

This directory contains the sources and build script for the
src2pkg-helpers. The src2pkg-helpers archive contains the separate archives
for libsentry, unionfs-fuse, tar-1.13 and coreutils-5.2.1. These are combined
into one archive for convenience. When you install the src2pkg 'noarch' package,
this archive is included and installed under /usr/src/src2pkg/src2pkg-helpers.

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