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briscola-4.1.tar.gz (LSM entry) 1999-10-10
a muktiplayer card game with X interface (53850 bytes)
cardwords-0.0.12.tar.bz2 (LSM entry) 2001-02-09
Form crosswords on the card-table with cards (268805 bytes)
hearts.tgz (LSM entry) 1994-11-02
hearts server & clients (72799 bytes)
xnetbrisk-1.00.tgz (LSM entry) 1995-09-19
networked-multiplayer X-Windows brisk card game (558603 bytes)
xskat-4.0.tar.gz (LSM entry) 2004-05-25
The card game Skat, with up to 2 of 3 players simulated by computer (179059 bytes)

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