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What you'll find here: talk (type) to people across tcp/ip

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ICQ Clients
support for Internet Relay Chat
OpenVerse-0.8-1.tar.gz (LSM entry) 2000-02-27
like The Palac (271044 bytes)
altoschat.tgz (LSM entry?) 1995-05-08
source of the ancient ALTOS chatline, for Linux (10523 bytes)
blacklisted-0.2b.tar.gz (LSM entry?) 1997-11-20
blacklist utility for talkd (3227 bytes)
chat02.tgz (LSM entry?) 1994-09-19
multiuser chat via telnet (16779 bytes)
chatm-1.3.src.tar (LSM entry) 1999-04-11
A generalized chat script state machine, written in Perl 5 (10240 bytes)
flicb_1.6.tar.gz (LSM entry) 1995-01-20
ICB client (19295 bytes)
kirc-0.9.5-04.tar.gz (LSM entry) 1998-10-14
kde irc client, with many of mIRC's features (536452 bytes)
kirc-0.9.5-04.tar.gz.sum (LSM entry) 1998-10-14
checksum for kirc-0.9.5-04.tar.gz (33 bytes)
ktalk-0.2.7.tar.gz (LSM entry) 1998-11-23
X11/KDE-aware talk client (218719 bytes)
netkit-ntalk-0.16.tar.gz (LSM entry) 1999-12-14
system talk client and daemon (formerly part of netkit) (35909 bytes)
netwrite-0.10.tar.gz (LSM entry) (LSM entry) (signature) 1997-06-12
write client and service daemon (formerly part of netkit) (15331 bytes)
netwrite-0.9.tar.gz (LSM entry) (LSM entry) (signature) 1996-04-29
write and writed for writes acorss the net (10944 bytes)
nvbin-3.3beta.linux.mcast-cu.tar.gz (LSM entry) 1995-08-21
sends video over the mbone or unicast (495172 bytes)
phone-0.1.tar.gz (LSM entry) 1995-10-29
multi user text based conferencing (109654 bytes)
reflect.3.0.b3-LINUX.tgz (LSM entry) 1995-02-20
CU-SEEME reflector for Linux (126201 bytes)
sjchat-1.0.tgz (LSM entry) 1998-02-21
prototype Java chat client and server (42466 bytes)
talkd-1.5.2.tgz (LSM entry) 1999-05-09
talk daemon with answering machine, flashproof, plays sound, searches utmp (297552 bytes)
to-talk-1.4.bin.tar.gz (LSM entry) (README) 1997-05-25
an old talk client and server (488143 bytes)
to-talk-1.4.src.tar.gz (LSM entry) (README) 1997-05-25
an old talk client and server (22132 bytes)
vchat-ip-2.12b.tar.gz 1994-10-05
multi-user TCP/IP chat program (34920 bytes)
writemail-0.1.tar.gz (LSM entry) 1999-02-04
write(1) command hacked so it will mail a user if they have m (6659 bytes)
xitalk-1.1.11.tar.gz (LSM entry) 1998-04-30
intercept talk and write requests so they don't mess up your xterm (174794 bytes)
xtell-0.7.tar.gz (LSM entry) 1999-03-15
Simple messaging xlient and server, sort of networked write (22348 bytes)
ytalk-3.1.1.tar.gz (LSM entry) 1999-05-10
Multi-user replacement for UNIX talk (83244 bytes)

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