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Contents of README:
About XCB util

The xcb-util module provides a number of libraries which sit on top of
libxcb, the core X protocol library, and some of the extension
libraries. These experimental libraries provide convenience functions
and interfaces which make the raw X protocol more usable. Some of the
libraries also provide client-side code which is not strictly part of
the X protocol but which have traditionally been provided by Xlib.

These libraries are currently included, roughly ordered by maturity:

render-util: Convenience functions for the Render extension.
aux: Convenient access to connection setup and some core requests.
atom: Standard core X atom constants and atom caching.
property: Callback X property-change handling.
icccm: Both client and window-manager helpers for ICCCM.
keysyms: Standard X key constants and conversion to/from keycodes.
event: Callback X event handling.
image: Port of Xlib's XImage and XShmImage functions.

If you find any of these libraries useful, please let us know what
you're using and why you aren't in a mental hospital yet. We'd welcome
patches/suggestions for enhancement and new libraries; Please report any
issues you find to the freedesktop.org bug tracker, at:


Discussion about XCB occurs on the XCB mailing list:

        <mailto:xcb at lists.freedesktop.org>

You can obtain the latest development versions of XCB using GIT.
For anonymous checkouts, use:

        git clone git://anongit.freedesktop.org/git/xcb/util

For developers, use:

        git clone git+ssh://git.freedesktop.org/git/xcb/util

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