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X Keyboard Extension

The X Keyboard (XKB) Extension essentially replaces the core protocol
definition of a keyboard. The extension makes it possible to specify
clearly and explicitly most aspects of keyboard behaviour on a per-key
basis, and to track more closely the logical and physical state of a
keyboard. It also includes a number of keyboard controls designed to
make keyboards more accessible to people with physical impairments.

There are five components that define a complete keyboard mapping:
symbols, geometry, keycodes, compat, and types; these five components
can be combined together using the 'rules' component of the database
provided by this project, xkeyboard-config.

The complete specification for the XKB Extension can be found here:



This project provides a consistent, well-structured, frequently
released, open source database of keyboard configuration data. The
project is targeted to XKB-based systems.

For XKB configuration information, see:


For information on how to enhance the database itself, see:


For information on how to replace an older XKB configuration database
with the one provided by this project, see:


For guidelines to making contributions to this project, see:


To submit bug reports (and patches), please use the issue system in
freedesktop.org's gitlab instance:


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