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Contents of README:
The xorg-cf-files package contains the data files for the imake utility,
defining the known settings for a wide variety of platforms (many of which
have not been verified or tested in over a decade), and for many of the
libraries formerly delivered in the X.Org monolithic releases.

The X Window System used imake extensively up through the X11R6.9 release,
for both full builds within the source tree and external software.
X moved to GNU autoconf and automake for its build system in 2005 for
X11R7.0 and later releases, but still provides imake for building existing
external software programs that have not yet converted, though we are not
actively maintaining it for new OS or platform releases.

More information about Imake and its usage may be found in the resources

All questions regarding this software should be directed at the
Xorg mailing list:


Please submit bug reports to the Xorg bugzilla:


The master development code repository can be found at:



For patch submission instructions, see:


For more information on the git code manager, see:



$Xorg: README,v 1.4 2000/08/18 04:03:58 coskrey Exp $
$XFree86: xc/config/cf/README,v 1.20 2003/04/14 20:35:50 herrb Exp $

The easiest way to write an Imakefile is to find another one that does
something similar and copy/modify it!

To change any of these variables, edit the site.def file.

Imake.tmpl provides defaults for the following variables:

	AlternateIncRoot	compiler needs -I to find project includes
	AlternateUsrLibDir	linker needs -L to find project libraries
	ArCmd			command used to create libraries
	ArCmdBase		program name part of ArCmd
	ArAddCmd		flags to have ArCmdBase add files to a library
	ArExtCmd		flags to have ArCmdBase extract files
	AsCmd			command used to run assembler
	BootstrapCFlags		missing cpp symbols needed to get started
	BourneShell		command used to run Bourne Shell
	CCsuf			suffix that C++ source files have
	CURDIR			current directory relative to top of sources
	CcCmd			command to run C compiler
	CompressCmd		command to run compress program
	ConstructMFLAGS		System V option to set MFLAGS make variable
	CpCmd			command to copy one file to another
	CplusplusCmd		command to run C++ compiler
	CplusplusFilt		command to run C++ name demangler
	CplusplusYaccCmd	command to produce C++ source from yacc source
	CppCmd			command to run C preprocessor
	CrossCompiling		cross compiling? (not fully supported)
	DebuggableCDebugFlags	C compiler -I's and -D's to turn on debug info
	DefaultCCOptions	default special C compiler options
	DefaultCDebugFlags	debug/optimize flags for programs
	DefaultUsrBin		program directory used even if PATH not set
	DependFlags		extra makedepend flags
	DoRanlibCmd		boolean for system uses ranlib
	EqnCmd			command used for eqn
	ExecableScripts		boolean for systems that can exec() #!/bin/sh
	ExpandManNames		boolean to expand man pages names to long form
	ExtraFilesToClean	extra files to remove on make clean
	ExtraLibraries		system-specific libraries need to link
	ExtraLoadFlags		system-specific loader flags
	FileManSuffix		man suffix for file format pages
	FilesToClean		files to delete in make clean
	FortranCmd		command to run Fortran compiler
	FortranDebugFlags	flags for Fortran debug info
	FortranFlags		Fortran compiler flags
	GzipCmd			command to run gzip program
	HasBSD44Sockets		boolean for system has BSD4.4 sockets
	HasBsdMake		use the 4.4BSD variant of the make program?
	HasBsearch		boolean for libc has bsearch()
	HasBrokenCCForLink	boolean for brain damaged cc driver
	HasCenterLineC		boolean for system has CenterLine C compiler
	HasCenterLineCplusplus	boolean for system has CenterLine C++ compiler
	HasClearmake		use Clearcase's clearmake make program?
	HasCodeCenter		boolean for system has CodeCenter
	HasCookieMaker		boolean for system has xauth cookie generator
	HasCplusplus		system has a C++ compiler?
	HasDECnet		system has DECnet?
	HasFortran		boolean for system has Fortran compiler
	HasGcc			boolean for system has GNU gcc compiler
	HasGcc2			boolean for system has GNU gcc 2.x compiler
	HasGcc2ForCplusplus	use gcc 2 for C++ programs?
	HasGnuMake		use the GNU make program?
        HasGhostPCL             boolean for system has GhostPCL
        HasGhostScript          boolean for system has GhostScript
	HasKrbIV		system has Kerberos version IV support?
	HasKrb5			system has Kerberos version 5 support?
	HasLargeTmp		boolean for system has /tmp space
	HasLatex		system has LaTeX document preparation software
	HasLibCrypt		boolean for system has libcrypt
        HasMotif                boolean for system has Motif
        HasMotif2               boolean for system has Motif2 or OpenMotif
	HasNdbm			boolean for system has ndbm routines
	HasPoll			use poll() syscall?
	HasPurify		boolean for system has Purify
	HasPutenv		boolean for libc has putenv()
	HasSecureRPC		boolean for Sun Secure RPC
	HasSetProcTitle		boolean for setproctitle()
	HasSetUserContext	boolean for setusercontext()
	HasSentinel		boolean for system has Sentinel available
	HasSharedLibraries	boolean for system has shared libraries
	HasShm			boolean for System V shared memory
	HasSockets		boolean for system has BSD sockets
	HasStrcasecmp		boolean for system implements str[n]casecmp
	HasStreams		use STREAMS I/O interface?
	HasSymLinks		boolean for system has symbolic links
	HasTestCenter		boolean for system has TestCenter
	HasVarDirectory		boolean for system has /var
	HasVFork		boolean for system has vfork()
	HasVoidSignalReturn	boolean for POSIX signal() procs
	HasZlib			boolean for system has libz
	IncludeSharedObjectInNormalLib define for static libs to include
				       -fPIC objects on relevant archs
	IncRoot			parent of X11 include directory
	InstBinFlags		install flags for binaries
	InstDatFlags		install flags for data files
	InstIncFlags		install flags for header files
	InstKmemFlags		install flags for xload to get at /dev/kmem
	InstLibFlags		install flags for libraries
	InstManFlags		install flags for manual pages
	InstPgmFlags		install flags for normal programs
	InstUidFlags		install flags for xterm to chown /dev/ptys
	InstallCmd		command to install files
	KrbIVIncludes		where to include KerberosIV header files from
	KrbIVLibraries		where to load KerberosIV libraries from
	Krb5Includes		where to include Kerberos header files from
	Krb5Libraries		where to load Kerberos libraries from
	LdCmd			command to run loader
	LdCombineFlags		flags for incremental loading
	LexCmd			command to run lex
	LexLib			library for programs using lex output
	LintCmd			command to run lint
	LintLibFlag		flags to generate lint libraries
	LintOpts		lint options to control strictness
	LnCmd			command to link two files
	LoaderLibPrefix		loader flags before libraries
	LocalRulesFile		site-specific file with additional imake rules
	LocalTmplFile		file with additional imake variables
	MacroFile		name of machine-dependent config params file
	MacroIncludeFile	<MacroFile>
	MakeCmd			command to run make
	Malloc0ReturnsNull	boolean for malloc(0) == NULL
	Malloc0ReturnsNullDefines -D's to build libX11/libXt
	MathLibrary		library for programs using C math functions
	MkCookieCmd		command to generate an xauth cookie
	MsMacros		macro flag for TroffCmd, normally "-ms"
	MvCmd			command to rename a file
	NdbmDefines		-D's to turn on use of ndbm routines
	NeedConstPrototoypes	whether const is supported
	NeedFunctionPrototypes	whether or not to force function prototypes
	NeedNestedPrototypes	whether nested prototypes are supported
	NeedVarargsPrototypes	whether varargs prototypes are supported
	NeedWidePrototypes	whether or not to widen function prototypes
	NoOpCDebugFlags		C compiler flags to not debug or optimize
	NoRConst		YES if const for structs of funcs is bad
	OSMajorVersion		major version number of operating system
	OSMinorVersion		minor version number of operating system
	OSName			operating system name
	OSTeenyVersion		maintenance version number of operating system
	OptimizedCDebugFlags	C compiler flags to turn on optimization
	XtPopdownConformance	XtPopdown conformans to the specification
	PreProcessCmd		command to run /lib/cpp on scripts
	RanlibCmd		command to clean up libraries
	RanlibInstFlags		flags to ranlib after copying
	ResourceConfigurationManagement boolean for Xt's Resource Configuration
	RmCmd			command to delete files
	ShLibDir		directory in which to install shared libraries
	StandardCppDefines	-D's for running cpp
	StandardDefines		-D's for running C compiler
	StandardIncludes	-I's for running C compiler
	StripInstalledPrograms	boolean for sites that want to install -s
	SystemV			boolean for systems that are at least SVR2
	SystemV4		boolean for SVR4 systems
	TOPDIR			relative path to top of sources
	TagsCmd			command to run tags
	TblCmd			command to run tbl
	TroffCmd		command to run troff to get PostScript
	UNCOMPRESSPATH		command to run uncompress (obsolete)
	UnalignedReferencesAllowed	boolean for unaligned copies ok
	UsrLibDir		directory in which to install libraries
	YaccCmd			command to run yacc

X11.tmpl provides defaults for the following variables:

	AdmDir			directory containing system log files
	AllocateLocalDefines	-D's to turn on alloca() (should be in Imake.tmpl)
	BDFTOSNFFILT		command to run bdftosnf
	BaseExtensionDefines	universal extensions to use
	BinDir			directory in which to install programs
	BuildAppgroup		build AppGroup extension in server
	BuildCup		build Colormap Utilization extension in server
	BuildDBE		build DOUBLE-BUFFER extension
	BuildDmx		build Distributed Multihead X server and extension
	BuildDPMS		build Display Power Management Signaling extension
	BuildFontServer		build font server
	BuildFonts		build pcf fonts
	BuildIncRoot		relative path to location of headers in build
	BuildIncTop		path from build includes directory to top
	BuildEVI		build EVI server extension
	BuildLBX		build LBX (aka X.fast) server extension
	BuildMultibuffer	build Multibuffer extension (obsolete)
	BuildPlugin		build xrx plug-in for web browsers
	BuildRECORD		Build RECORD extension
	BuildServer		build X server
	BuildXAudio		build Audio
	BuildXAServer		build Audio server
	BuildXCSecurity		Build Security Extension
	BuildXInputExt		build X Input extension (requires ddx support,
					which exists only in Xhp and XFree86)
	BuildXInputLib		build X Input library
	BuildXKB		build X Keyboard Extension?
	BuildXKBlib		build X Keyboard Extension into Xlib?
	UseXKBInClients		Use XKB functions in normal clients?
	ConfigDir		install directory for config files
	ConnectionFlags		-D's for supported transports
	ContribDir		location of user-contributed sources
	DebugLibFS		build libFS_d.a
	DebugLibICE		build libICE_d.a
	DebugLibSM		build libSM_d.a
	DebugLibX11		build libX11_d.a
	DebugLibXau		build libXau_d.a
	DebugLibXaw		build libXaw_d.a
	DebugLibXdmcp		build libXdmcp_d.a
	DebugLibXext		build libXext_d.a
	DebugLibXi		build libXi_d.a
	DebugLibXmu		build libXmu_d.a
	DebugLibXt		build libXt_d.a
	DebugLibXtst		build libXtst_d.a
	DebugLibXag		build libXag_d.a
	DebugOldX		build liboldX_d.a
	DefaultCursorTheme      name of default cursor theme
	DefaultFSConfigFile	default font server config file
	DefaultFontPath		default server font path
	DefaultRGBDatabase	default server rgb color database
	DefaultSystemPath	default system xdm PATH environment variable
	DefaultSystemShell	default /bin/sh
	DefaultUserPath		default user xdm PATH environment variable
	DependCmd		command to run makedepend
	DependDir		build directory containing makedepend program
	DriverManDir		directory in which to install driver man pages
	DriverManSuffix		man suffix for driver pages
	ExtensionDefines	-D's for universal extensions
	ExtensionOSDefines	-D's for additional extensions
	FontCompilerFlags	flags for bdftosnf
	FontDefines		-D's to turn on font options
	FontDir			directory in which to install fonts
	FontFilters		-D's to specify font conversion filters
	FontOSDefines		-D's for which fonts to support
	ForceNormalLib		force building of .a in addition to shared lib
	GzipFontCompression	boolean for using gzip instead of compress
	HasXdmAuth		boolean for using XDM-AUTHORIZATION-1;
					needs Wraphelp.c, see Release Notes
	InstallAppDefFiles	install new app defaults files over old?
	InstallFSConfig		install fs config file over old?
	InstallLibManPages	boolean for installing library man pages
	InstallSecurityConfig	install server security policy file over old?
	InstallXdmConfig	install xdm config files over old?
	InstallXinitConfig	install xinit config files over old?
	KrbIVDefines		defines for use with KerberosIV
	LibDir			directory in which to install X11 support files
	LibManSuffix		man suffix for library pages
	LibmanDir		directory in which to install library man pages
	LintlibDir		directory in which to install lint libs
	ManDir			directory in which to install program man pages
	ManDirectoryRoot	parent of man directories relative to root
	ManPath			full path of parent directory
	ManSourcePath		common prefix of man page directories
	ManSuffix		man suffix for programs
	MiscManSuffix		man suffix for miscellaneous pages
	MiscManDir		directory in which to install misc man pages
	NeedDefaultDepLibs	boolean for enabling default DEPLIBS
	NlsDir			directory in which to install nls files
	NormalLibFS		build libFS.a
	NormalLibICE		build libICE.a
	NormalLibSM		build libSM.a
	NormalLibX11		build libX11.a
	NormalLibXau		build libXau.a
	NormalLibXaw		build libXaw.a
	NormalLibXdmcp		build libXdmcp.a
	NormalLibXext		build libXext.a
	NormalLibXi		build libXi.a
	NormalLibXmu		build libXmu.a
	NormalLibXt		build libXt.a
	NormalLibXtst		build libXtst.a
	NormalLibXag		build libXag.a
	NormalOldX		build liboldX.a
	OsNameDefines		If uname(2) unavailable, set to -DOS_NAME=OSName
	PrimaryScreenResolution	resolution of default server screen
	ProfileLibFS		build libFS_p.a
	ProfileLibICE		build libICE_p.a
	ProfileLibSM		build libSM_p.a
	ProfileLibX11		build libX11_p.a
	ProfileLibXau		build libXau_p.a
	ProfileLibXaw		build libXaw_p.a
	ProfileLibXdmcp		build libXdmcp_p.a
	ProfileLibXext		build libXext_p.a
	ProfileLibXi		build libXi_p.a
	ProfileLibXmu		build libXmu_p.a
	ProfileLibXt		build libXt_p.a
	ProfileLibXtst		build libXtst_p.a
	ProfileLibXag		build libXag_p.a
	ProfileOldX		build liboldX_p.a
	ProjectX		version indicating this is the X Window System
	RemoveTargetProgramByMoving	boolean for rm -f that doesn't
	SHELLPATH		-D for /bin/sh
	ServerConfigDir		directory for server security config files
	ServerDefines		complete -D's for server
	ServerExtraDefines	special -D's for server
	ServerOSDefines		OS -D's for server
	ServerAssertDefines	-DNDEBUG for no assertions, /**/ for assertions
	SharedLibFS		boolean for making sharable libFS.so
	SharedLibICE		boolean for making sharable libICE.so
	SharedLibSM		boolean for making sharable libSM.so
	SharedLibX11		boolean for making sharable libX11.so
	SharedLibXau		boolean for making sharable libXau.so
	SharedLibXaw		boolean for making sharable libXaw.so
	SharedLibXdmcp		boolean for making sharable libXdmcp.so
	SharedLibXext		boolean for making sharable libXext.so
	SharedLibXi		boolean for making sharable libXi.so
	SharedLibXmu		boolean for making sharable libXmu.so
	SharedLibXt		boolean for making sharable libXt.so
	SharedLibXtst		boolean for making sharable libXtst.so
	SharedLibXag		boolean for making sharable libXag.so
	SharedOldX		boolean for making sharable liboldX.so
	ShmDefines		MIT-SHM define
	TwmDir			directory in which to install twm config files
	UseCCMakeDepend		boolean for using alternate makedepend script
	UseRgbTxt		use rgb.txt file as is instead of DBM-compiled
	VarDirectory		directory in /var for logs, etc., and config
	VendorHasX11R6_3libXext	don't need Security & AppGroup in xrx plug-in
	XAppLoadDir		directory in which to install app defaults
	XFileSearchPathBase	base file search path
	XFileSearchPathDefault	default path to search for app defaults files
	XInputDefines		XINPUT define
	XMalloc0ReturnsNullDefines -D's specifically for libX11
	XawClientDepLibs	DEPLIBS for clients that use Xaw
	XawClientLibs		LOCAL_LIBRARIES for clients that use Xaw
	XdmConfigurationSubdirectory	name of default xdm configuration
	XdmDir			directory in which to install xdm files
	XdmServersType		type of xdm Xservers file to install
	XinitDir		directory in which to install xinit files
	XPrintDir		parent of X Print server config directory
	XprtServer		build the X Print server
	XpRasterDDX		include the raster print ddx driver
	XpColorPclDDX		include the color PCL print ddx driver
	XpMonoPclDDX		include the monochrome PCL print ddx driver
	XpPostScriptDDX		include the PostScript print ddx driver
	XpPdfDDX		include the PDF print ddx driver
	XpSvgDDX		include the SVG print ddx driver
	XmanLocalSearchPath	non-standard path for man pages
	XtErrorPrefix		leading text in XtError() msg; eg. 'X Toolkit '
	XtWarningPrefix		leading text in XtWarning()msg, same as above
	XtMalloc0ReturnsNullDefines -D's specifically for libXt
	ZBDFTOSNFFILT		-D to run uncompress and bdftosnf (obsolete)

Library.tmpl provides defaults for the following variables:

	AvoidNullMakeCommand	for makes that spout about $(_NULLCMD_)
	LibraryCCOptions	special C compiler options for libraries
	LibraryCDebugFlags	library debug/optimize flags to override defs
	LibraryCcCmd		command to run C compiler in libraries
	LibraryCplusplusOptions special C++ options for libraries
	LibraryCplusplusDebugFlags  library debug/optimize flags for C++
	LibraryCplusplusCmd	command to run C++ compiler in libraries
	LibraryDefines		-D's for libraries
	SeparateSharedCompile	shared and unshared libs use same binaries?

Server.tmpl provides defaults for the following variables:

	ServerCCOptions		server C compiler options to override defaults
	ServerCcCmd		command to run C compiler in server
	ServerCDebugFlags	server debug/opt compiler flags
	ServerDefines		server standard -D's
	InstallServerSetUID	does this system need X server suid to root?

Threads.tmpl provides defaults for the following variables:

	LocalThreads		whether to enable multi-threading support
	LocalThreadsDefines	-D flags needed in this directory

An <os>Lib.rules file provides defaults for the following variables:

	HasSharedLibraries	boolean for using shared libraries
	SharedDataSeparation	boolean indicating separate data/code
	SharedCodeDef		-D's for compiling shared library files
	SharedLibraryDef	-D's for defining which kind of shared lib
	ShLibIncludeFile	location of the <os>Lib.tmpl file
	SharedLibraryLoadFlags	loader flags when making the library
	UseExportLists		boolean for using an export list
	PositionIndependentCFlags 		PIC compiler flags for C
	PositionIndependentCplusplusFlags	PIC compiler flags for C++

	  Note: PositionIndependentCplusplusFlags is only required if the
	  C and C++ compilers use different flags to build PIC code.  The
	  default configuration will try to use PositionIndependentCFlags
	  for both C and C++ compiles.

An <os>Lib.tmpl file provides defaults for the following variables:

	SharedFSReqs		required libs for libFS.so
	SharedFSRev		version number for libFS.so
	SharedICEReqs		required libs for libICE.so
	SharedICERev		version number for libICE.so
	SharedOldXReqs		required libs for liboldX.so
	SharedOldXRev		version number for liboldX.so
	SharedSMReqs		required libs for libSM.so
	SharedSMRev		version number for libSM.so
	SharedX11Reqs		required libs for libX11.so
	SharedX11Rev		version number for libX11.so
	SharedXauReqs		required libs for libXau.so
	SharedXauRev		version number for libXau.so
	SharedXawReqs		required libs for libXaw.so
	SharedXawRev		version number for libXaw.so
	SharedXdmcpReqs		required libs for libXdmcp.so
	SharedXdmcpRev		version number for libXdmcp.so
	SharedXextReqs		required libs for libXext.so
	SharedXextRev		version number for libXext.so
	SharedXiReqs		required libs for libXi.so
	SharedXiRev		version number for libXi.so
	SharedXmuReqs		required libs for libXmu.so
	SharedXmuRev		version number for libXmu.so
	SharedXtReqs		required libs for libXt.so
	SharedXtRev		version number for libXt.so
	SharedXtstReqs		required libs for libXtst.so
	SharedXtstRev		version number for libXtst.so
	SharedXmReqs		required libs for libXm.so
	SharedXmRev		version number for libXm.so
	SharedMrmReqs		required libs for libMrm.so
	SharedMrmRev		version number for libMrm.so
	SharedUilReqs		required libs for libUil.so
	SharedUilRev		version number for libUil.so
	SharedTtReqs		required libs for libtt.so
	SharedTtRev		version number for libtt.so
	SharedPamReqs		required libs for libpam.so
	SharedPamRev		version number for libpam.so
	SharedDtSvcReqs		required libs for libDtSvc.so
	SharedDtSvcRev		version number for libDtSvc.so
	SharedDtSearchReqs	required libs for libDtSearch.so
	SharedDtSearchRev	version number for libDtSearch.so
	SharedDtWidgetReqs	required libs for libDtWidget.so
	SharedDtWidgetRev	version number for libDtWidget.so
	SharedDtHelpReqs	required libs for libDtHelp.so
	SharedDtHelpRev		version number for libDtHelp.so
	SharedDtPrintReqs	required libs for libDtPrint.so
	SharedDtPrintRev	version number for libDtPrint.so
	SharedDtTermReqs	required libs for libDtTerm.so
	SharedDtTermRev		version number for libDtTerm.so
	SharedDtMrmReqs		required libs for libDtMrm.so
	SharedDtMrmRev		version number for libDtMrm.so

Vendor.cf files and/or site/host specific .def files may define the
following variables:

	ProjectRoot		The directory under which the installation
				will operate.  This value will be hard coded
				into some programs.  As a result do not use it
				to specify the installation directory for a
				cross compiled system, use DESTDIR to
				accomplish that task.

The following variables are used by some part of the tree:

	AckToolset		programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86
	BuildChooser		build the xdm chooser program?
	SharedLibXdmGreet	use xdm shared dynamic greeter library?
	LatexCmd		command to run LaTeX on a document
	DvipsCmd		command to turn .dvi file into PostScript
	MotifBC			using Motif 1.1.1, 1.1.2, or 1.1.3?
	GetValuesBC		compat GetValues behavior for broken apps?
	NeedBerklib		application needs libXbsd?
	SvgaConfig		default SVGA configuration
	HasGetReturnAddress	util/memleak
	HasShadowPasswd		system has getspnam() function
	XnestServer		build X server with Xlib-based ddx
	XVirtualFramebufferServer	build X server with virtual memory framebuffer
	WebServer		host:port of your Web server (see programs/xrx)
	HtmlDir			path used by Web server for HTML and RX docs
	CgiBinDir		path used by Web server for CGI programs
	ProxyManager		ICE network ID to contact a running proxymngr
	XdmxServer		build Distributed Multihead X server

Make Variables

The following make variables are used by imake rules and may be set in
an individual Imakefile.

DEFINES			program-specific -D flags and other arguments
			to pass to the C compiler, lint, and makedepend.
DEPEND_DEFINES		program-specific flags in addition to
			$(DEFINES) to pass to lint and makedepend.
			This is usually used when there are special
			compilation rules for individual files, and
			the defines passed to those files affect
			makedepend results.  If they can be passed to
			all files during the makedepend step without
			affecting the results for other files,
			DEPEND_DEFINES is used to do that.  Example is
			the Xlib Imakefile.
INCLUDES		program-specific -I flags.
HEADERS			.h files to install with "make includes" and
			"make install".  If this Imakefile includes
			Library.tmpl there are no headers, include
			this line instead of a HEADERS definition:
			#define LibHeaders NO
REQUIREDLIBS		when building a shared library, other libraries used
			by this library that should be referenced at
			link time.
LINTLIBS		program-specific libraries for lint.
LOCAL_LDFLAGS		program-specific flags for the linker.
LOCAL_LIBRARIES		project libraries (usually specified
			as -lname) needed by this program.
			For example, "-lXt -lXext -lX11".
			Used by SimpleProgramTarget and
			ComplexProgramTarget* rules.
			Do not include any system-specific libraries here.
SYS_LIBRARIES		system libraries (usually specified
			as -lname) needed by this program.
			For example "MathLibrary".
			Do not include any system-specific libraries
			such as "-lnsl" here; they are automatically
			added to the link command by the
			vendor-specific .cf file.
SUBDIRS			for an Imakefile in a directory containing
			subdirectories, this names the subdirectories.
			Such an Imakefile also needs to #define IHaveSubdirs
			and call MakeSubdirs() and DependSubdirs().
MANSUFFIX		suffix used by InstallManPage* rules.
			May be set to $(LIBMANSUFFIX), $(FILEMANSUFFIX), or
			$(MISCMANSUFFIX) in directories for libraries or data

Rule-specific variables that may be set in an individual Imakefile.
If you aren't using these rules, you may need variables with a similar
function, but you need not use these names.  However, following these
conventions may make your Imakefile easier to read and maintain.

DEPLIBS			library dependencies for ComplexProgramTarget
SRCS			source files used by ComplexProgramTarget and
OBJS			object files used by ComplexProgramTarget
PROGRAMS		default target used with ComplexProgramTarget_(n)
SRCS1			source files used by ComplexProgramTarget_1
OBJS1			object files used by ComplexProgramTarget_1
DEPLIBS1		library dependencies for ComplexProgramTarget_1
SRCS2			source files used by ComplexProgramTarget_2
OBJS2			object files used by ComplexProgramTarget_2
DEPLIBS2		library dependencies for ComplexProgramTarget_2
SRCS3			source files used by ComplexProgramTarget_3
OBJS3			object files used by ComplexProgramTarget_3
DEPLIBS3		library dependencies for ComplexProgramTarget_3

Variables that can be set on the make command line:

DESTDIR			directory under which "make install" should
			install instead of "/"; used only for testing
			"make install" rules, binary package building,
			and specifying alternative installation directories
			for cross compiles.
FILE			file for "lint1" target to run lint on.
CDEBUGFLAGS		-g and/or -O flag to control C compiler optimization.
CXXDEBUGFLAGS		-g and/or -O flag to control C++ optimization.
LDSTRIPFLAGS		flag to have linker strip objects (typically -x).
			Typically set to the empty string to prevent
			the linker from stripping objects; use this
			way when setting CDEBUGFLAGS to "-g".

These variables are set in project-specific files such as X11.tmpl.
They should NOT be set in an Imakefile.  These variables are sometimes
misused; they are included here to remind Imakefile writers NOT to use

EXTRA_DEFINES		project-specific -D flags
EXTRA_INCLUDES		project-specific -I flags
EXTRA_ICONFIGFILES	Additional project-specific imake config files
			to add to ICONFIGFILES.
			This is a list of files that define variables
			that might affect compilation of some files.

Many other make variables are set up by the imake config files and can
be used in an Imakefile.  The easiest way to discover them is to look
at the Makefile generated by an empty Imakefile.


Use C comment syntax in an Imakefile for comments that should not
appear in the resulting Makefile.
Use "XCOMM" at the start of each
line to produce a comment that will appear in the Makefile.
(The "XCOMM" will
be translated into the Makefile comment character "#" by imake.)
Do NOT use "#" as a comment character in Imakefiles; it confuses the C
preprocessor used by imake on some systems.

Imake variables

Don't abuse the variables in X11.tmpl that describe
particular pieces of X by using them to describe your own subsystems.
Instead, create new variables that are defaulted using
Imake.tmpl variables.


Since the easiest way to write an Imakefile is to start with one that
works, here are some short, easy-to-read Imakefile examples in the X

with subdirs:	config/Imakefile
library:	lib/Xau/Imakefile
simple program: programs/xdpyinfo/Imakefile
complex progs:  programs/xclipboard/Imakefile
complex prog:	programs/xmodmap/Imakefile

Common Rules

Here are some of the common rules for building programs.  How to use
them is described in Imake.rules and in the O'Reilly book "Software
Portability with imake."

Basic program-building rules

All of these except NormalProgramTarget also generate rules to install
the program and its manual page, and to generate dependencies.

SimpleProgramTarget	Use if there is only one program to be made
			and it has only one source file.

ComplexProgramTarget	Use if there is only one program to be made
			and it has multiple source files.  Set SRCS to
			the names of the source files, set OBJS to
			the names of the object files, and set DEPLIBS
			to the libraries that this program depends on.

ComplexProgramTarget_1	Like ComplexProgramTarget, but uses SRCS1,
			OBJS1, and DEPLIBS1 and can be used with
			ComplexProgramTarget_2 and ComplexProgramTarget_3
			to build up to three programs in the same directory.
			Set PROGRAMS to the programs built by all of
			these rules.  For more than 3 programs, use
			NormalProgramTarget for each.
ComplexProgramTarget_2	Use after ComplexProgramTarget_1 for the
			second program in a directory.  Uses SRCS2,
			OBJS2, and DEPLIBS2.
ComplexProgramTarget_3	Use after ComplexProgramTarget_2 for the
			third program in a directory.  Uses SRCS3,
			OBJS3, and DEPLIBS3.

NormalProgramTarget	Build a program.  Can be used multiple times
			with different arguments in the same Imakefile.

Lower level rules, often used with NormalProgramTarget

InstallProgram		install a program.

InstallManPage		install a manual page.

InstallDirectory	install a directory.

DependTarget()		include once at end of Imakefile with
			NormalProgramTarget rules or that uses Library.tmpl.
			Generates dependencies for files named in SRCS.

Manual page rules, commonly used only in special documentation directories:


Other rules:

SpecialCObjectRule	Compile a C file with special flags.
AllTarget		Declare additional targets to build.
InstallAppDefaults	Install X application defaults file.

Imakefile for directory with subdirectories

XCOMM this is a sample Imakefile for a directory containing subdirectories
#define IHaveSubdirs
#define PassCDebugFlags CDEBUGFLAGS="$(CDEBUGFLAGS)"
SUBDIRS = list of subdirs ...

Common Targets

These targets are typically NOT defined explicitly by the Imakefile
writer; rather they are generated automatically by imake rules.
They are listed here for the convenience of people using the resulting
Makefile, not people writing the original Imakefile.

all			Default rule; builds whatever is in this directory.
Makefile		Remake the Makefile (use after changing Imakefile).
			Run "make depend" after.
Makefiles		Remake all Makefiles in subdirectories.  (Does
			nothing if no subdirectories.)
			Run "make depend" after.
includes		Generate and install in the tree any necessary
			header files.
depend			Update dependencies in the Makefile calculated
			by examining the source files.
install			Install what "make all" built on the system.
install.man		Install manual pages.
clean			Remove built objects and other derived files.
lint			Run lint.
tags			Create a tags file.

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